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We’re pretty sure that your business has some form of digital presence – a website, Facebook page, Twitter account, Instagram account….. After all, businesses know they need to be online in order to compete.

Unfortunately, many businesses believe that having a Facebook page is the end-game, expecting their revenue to begin flowing in as soon as their Facebook page is up and running.

It is possible – indeed essential – to use digital marketing tools to help grow your business. BUT it takes work, time, and most importantly, a digital marketing strategic plan in order to be successful.

We’re often asked: “What should I include on my home page to attract people?” Anyone can create a website. Websites that help clients have a higher conversion rate, however, takes some planning.

Here are 5 ways to optimize your home page for maximum conversions.

1. Include Meaningful Data

Are you trying to convince a prospect that visits your website of a particular concept? Third party data from an objective source can be convincing. Data that you’re collected can be powerful, too. Quantifying your product’s benefit can increase consumer trust.

2. Customer Testimonials

One of the most effective tools for improving credibility is to have customers provide testimonials. You can establish social trust by including your customer’s photo and a quote, website links or logos. Research by WikJob indicates that testimonial visibility increases conversion by 34 percent.

3. Add Video

Video is king. Using video captures the attention of highly visual consumers. Video can be compelling too, but keep it short – 20 to 45 seconds.

4. Write Simply

The language on your home page should reflect how your prospects communicate. You only have a few seconds to convince prospects that you are worthy of their time. It helps to run your page copy through an app like Hemingway. Try it. You’ll be impressed with the results.

5. Be Succinct

If your page copy exceeds 150-200 words, you’re losing your prospect’s attention. And, long copy reduces your chances of winning mobile conversions. When writing copy, as yourself, “does my ideal customer really want or ne3ed to know this?”


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